There are so many new technologies that have brought our world to where it is today. Quite simply, without technology, we would still be in a world where progress was halted. It has been shown that when new technologies are rolled out, the masses usually embrace them. There are amazing new computer technologies and gaming technologies that have pushed us forward. In this article we will focus on two new and exciting advancements in the world. The first we will focus on is the Oculus Rift Goggles. We will then focus on the new artificial valveless heart.

3D virtual reality gaming has been something that humans have dreamed of ever since the beginning of video games. There have been many attempts in the past to make this a reality, but many of these attempts really fell short. These 3D virtual reality technologies were usually just too hard to use and not very effective in creating a true virtual reality world. The company Oculus has seemedDSC_0068 to finally find a solution to this 3D virtual reality delima. They have created Oculus Rift goggles which truly emulate a virtual reality world. This world that users can step into creates a fully encompassing view for all the senses. With these 3D goggles, head movements are used to change camera positioning. This gives users the feeling as though they are looking through a different world all together. This new technology really is pushing gaming forward, and new applications are being developed for the implementation of these goggles as well.

In health care, many new technologies have been helping to heal patients and also to give them a new lease on life. The newest and most exciting development in health care software has to be the artificial valveless heart. They have used this artificial valveless heart in one patient successfully so far. He was terminally ill, but now he is functioning well and continues to live on. “The amazing technology of this artificial heart allows for blood to be pumped through at a steady rate instead of having to be circulated in and out each beat.” said Philanthropist Jason Hope. ┬áThis artificial heart is truly new technology that is going to save lives.